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Welcome to the O.R.E.O. Project!
Our Really Exciting Online Project

Our 2nd graders participated in another exciting online project hosted by Jennifer Wagner.

Students from all over the USA participated in this project. This map shows the location of many of the project participants.

This year the students were challenged to stack cookies one at a time as high as they could before the stack tumbled. No pyramids or any other type of structures would be allowed. We used 1 bag of Nabisco's Oreo® Chocolate and Crème Sandwich Cookies to conduct this activity.


Developing our Hypothesis: Students first made predictions as to how many cookies would be standing in their towers before the towers fell. 

Our hypothesis: 12-20 cookies

We would be able to stack between 12-20 cookies (average) before our towers fell.

Next we tested our Hypothesis. Each student had TWO attempts to stack Oreos® and record the highest amount they were able to stack before tumbling. Students could NOT use anything to stabilize the cookies and they could NOT adjust cookies as they stacked. Finally,after each child stacked, they compared their predictions and our hypothesis with their cookie tower attempts.


Our class hypothesis was incorrect!

We hypothesized 12-20 on average, our actual class average count was 23! Our highest individual student stack had 35 cookies! Here are pictures of Oreo stacks.


The students enjoyed this activity so much that they encouraged their parents to take the OREO challenge during Open House the following evening. To our amazement, our parent numbers were practically the same as ours!

The highest parent stack had 32 Oreos in it; the parent average equaled 23 cookies as well. Wow! We guess the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree!

We also made gooey sculptures using the leftover Oreos. First we scraped out the fillings from the insides of the oreos, we then used the crème filling and the hard cokie to create our sculptures. Here two of our designs:

We also created Oreo books in which we wrote interesting stories about the Oreo!

Click the picture below to see an Oreo project from a few years ago :

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