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Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents.
  1. Arrival and dismissal at school
  2. Our lunch time
  3. School attendance
  4. Notes for absences
  5. Transportation changes
  6. Appointments
  7. Vacations
  8. Monies
  9. Book Orders
  10. Birthdays
  11. Parent Teacher Conferences
  12. General Reminders
  13. Homework Policy
  14. Communication

Arrival and dismissal at school

Our school day begins at 8:15 and ends at 3:15.
Students are dismissed beginning at 3:15. No student should be left on
campus after 3:30.
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Our lunch time

Our lunch time is 11:25 - 12:15.
Lunch recess begins at 11:25. Students go outside for lunch recess everyday
unless there is inclement weather. On inclument weather days, students have
their recess in the gym. They are encouraged to bring quiet reading and
writing activities with them. Students eat their lunch from 11:50 to 12:15.
It is imperative that you supply a very healthy lunch for your child. Food
is fuel for the body. In order for your child's body to function properly,
it needs an ample supply of healthy fuel. When you take your child out on a
lunch date, please respect this time frame.
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School attendance

School begins at 8:15... very soon after they enter the building. We now
have a new automated attendance system where we are required to post
attendance immediately. It is extremely important that your child be on time
and in regular attendance this year. A number of our learning activities
involve working with each other and several involve the use of technology.
It is very difficult to
make up this type of work. You and your child should see school as a
priority and see to high attendance for your child. Of course, if your
child is sick, do not send your child to school. Your child is expected to
check in the clinic prior to class on the day returned.
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Notes for absences

The day your child returns to school, please send a note explaining the
reason for your child's absence. A doctor's note or a note from a parent
will suffice.
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Transportation changes

Please send a note if your child has a change of transportation. Students
are required to follow the transportation plan established at the beginning
of the year, unless a note is sent from home. This is for the safety of
your child.
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Please send a note to explain an appointment that has to be made during
school time. Come to the school clinic to pick up or return your child. The
clinic will notify the teacher of your arrival, and your child will be
dismissed/returned as quickly as posible. Please DO NOT come directly to the
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Please let the teacher and clinic know in advance of any trips that are
planned which will cause your child to miss school. HOMEWORK WILL BE MADE UP
WHEN S/HE RETURNS. Students should keep a daily journal/diary of vacation
activities. The journals will be shared with classmates at an appropriate
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Make checks out to Cumberland School unless advised otherwise. If sending
cash, please seal the envelope and make sure the name of your child and the
child's teacher clearly shows on the "OUTSIDE" of the envelope.
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Book Orders

Book orders are always optional! Your child will receive a book order once a
NOT TO THE TEACHER. Cash is usually not accepted.
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Children are allowed to bring in Birthday treats that are easy to pass out
and do not require any cutting. Prepackaged candies, cupcakes, ice-cream
bars, brownies, rice crispy bars and the like are suggested. Items that
require cutting, plates and forks, WILL NOT be served. Also,remember to send
Also, please do not pass out personal party invitations at school. Those who
are excluded end up with very hurt feelings. Remember to send in only
enough treats for our class. In the past students have wanted to travel to
former teachers, their specials teachers, the office, etc. in an effort to
deliver treats. This has resuted in missed instruction for up to 15
minutes...therefore this will no longer be allowed. I would like to ask that
you please be considerate of allergies.
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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent conferences are held in the Fall and Spring. Make sure you sign(ed)
up for both of them during Orientation. Please check the calendar for dates
and times.
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General Reminders

*Label everything.
*Check your child's traveling folder nightly.
*Return the Thursday Folder every Friday.
*Check for replacement of all supplies.
*Make sure your child knows her/his after school destination BEFORE s/he
leaves for school in the morning.
*Refer to the handbok or website on a regular basis.
*Communicate any concerns you have with your child's teacher.
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Homework Policy

Why I assign homework-
I believe homework is important because it teaches students to assume
responsibility for their own work as well as make the most of their school
experience. I give homework because I know it reinforces skills, prepares
students for upcoming class topics, teaches independence, and develops good
study habits.

When will homework be assigned?
Homework will be assigned no more than three days a week (except for math),
unless extra work is needed for reinforcement or completion of assignments.
Most assignments will take no longer than 20-60 minutes (not including
special projects). Homework that takes 60 minutes or so is usually due to
the procrastination of the students, and should not be tolerated.

Students Homework responsibilities-
Students are expected to work to their full potential at all times. I expect
all work to be neat and legible. I expect students to do their own work and
to seek and receive help after they have given their best effort. I expect
all work to be completed and turned in on time.

Parent homework responsibilities--
You are the key to a positive experience. Make homework a top priority, give
positive support, and let your child know that HOMEWORK IS NOT OPTIONAL.
Please notify me of any problems.

If students do not complete homework--
If students do not complete their homework, they will lose recesses and will
have to complete the assignments by the next day, along with all other
assignments. Late homework will be accepted, but will receive a one-grade
reduction on that particular assignment. If ther is a legitimate reason why
a student is unable to finish homework, please send a note of explanation
on the day the assignment is due.
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Communication between home and school is vital to your child's success in
the classroom. To keep you informed and aware of what we are doing, I plan
to send home a weekly note every Monday. This note will keep you informed
of all classroom events.

Each night your child will bring home a Blue Folder which we call
our "Traveling Folder." This folder will come home every night and should be
returned to school the next day. The pockets in this folder will be
labeled "Leave Home" and "Bring Back." All homework will come home in
the "Bring Back" side of the folder, and should be returned the next day
unless indicated otherwise! You will automatically find classroom notices,
reminders, and special events. Your child's corrected work will also come
home in the traveling folder. Please take the time to go over your child's
returned work and help correct mistakes that may have been made. Let your
child know that you always expect their best effort (handwriting also)!
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