About the Teacher

Miss Gnadt

Horizon Elementary

Grade Four



My Belief Statements

I believe everyone can learn. Students grow at different rates and some methods work better than others.  Our job as teachers and parents is to accept our children where they are and create the best possible circumstances for them to learn. 

I believe that our children's first and most important teachers are his/her parents. When parents support their children's education, students can make significant gains.

I believe it is important to foster a sense of emotional well-being as well as physical well-being at school.  It is the responsibility of each individual, adult and child, to be respectful and kind to one another.  Together we make school a good place to be. 

I believe that the better study habits and personal qualities a child is taught, the more efficient and successful learner that child will be in the future.

I believe that it is more important to teach a child how to learn. Teaching a child how to learn and apply his/her knowledge means a child will be more independent in the future.  The "facts" will be built into the learning.

I believe that each individual must eventually take control of his/her own learning.  As an elementary teacher I try to make learning relevant and I want to make my students' day interesting and fun.  As parents and teachers we should encourage our children to develop personal interests and help our children be curious about the world.  The most successful children I've taught have remained open to new things and asked many questions.

The sooner and more consistently we foster resiliency in our children, the more successful our students will become.