CHALLENGE program website: find enrichment resources

Contact information: I look forward to talking with you!  
Cheryl Kilker, Challenge program coordinator and high school teacher 
Email:   Office: (920) 675-1187. 

Challenge Program Building Leaders: Contact with questions
High School: Cheryl Kilker    Room 133
Middle School: Nick Skretta
East:  Jim Garcia
West: Jessica Krause, Michele Thomas
Sullivan: Jodi Smithback

Students:  Is there an academic or creative area you'd like to explore? Contact your building leader 
(above).  Let's talk about what interests you! I can 
help you find out about  opportunities in our school and outside resources.
High School students: Mrs. Kilker is in her room during both lunch periods to meet with you. If you 
have questions, brainstorms, are just want to 
introduce yourself, please stop in Room 133!

Parents:  Do you have questions? Please contact Mrs. Kilker and/or your child's Challenge Building 
Leader (listed above)  Also, helpful links at this website.  There are many enrichment offerings in the 
area, many of whichare free and offeropportunities for motivated students to grow in a variety of 
areas. Check back often and feel free to call or email to brainstorm. 

VOLUNTEERS:  We are seeking parent/community volunteers to establish a number 
of programs, including classroom volunteering, a "Construction Club" (Lego, Knex, Robotics),Game 
Club, etc.   If you have a talent or time to share, or just want to 
brainstorm, please contact  the Challenge Building Leader at your child's school and/or Mrs. Kilker
Parental involvement has been key to some successful programs.

several Universities that offer enrichment opportunities, including UW-Madison, UW-
Whitewater, and UW-Milwaukee. Check out the links at the left and contact 
Mrs. Kilker if there are areas you'd like ideas to explore. Please contact with questions. Be sure to 
check out Khan Academy (Helpful Links )which is a free resource for anyone 
wishing to explore a variety of academic topics at their own pace.

Competitions can be great motivators for accelerated learners and allow students  the opportunity to 
hone their skills. This site will be updating available competitions with regional,state and nationwide 
participation are available. Check out the links at the left!

If you are a strong student and from a moderate to lower-income family, please check out this link 
and see Mrs. Kilker for details. College is within 
your reach!

The State of Wisconsin has identified five areas in which persons may 
demonstrate capabilities of 
high performance or giftedness. They are
Intellectual ability - the all-around bright individual.
Specific academic aptitude - the math or science whiz, history buff, etc.
Creative or productive thinking ability - the innovator of novel and often 
unique ideas, responses, or 
solutions to problems.
Leadership potential - the initiator or organizer of activities within groups 
of people.
Ability in visual or performing arts - the artistic stand-out in visual art 
forms, music, drama, creative writing or dance.

View the powerpoint linked at left for more information re: the Challenge 
program (used at informational meeting for parents last spring)

If you are a top student and from a low-income family, please check out this link and see Mrs. Kilker 
for details. College is within your reach! Success in AP classes will enhance your high school resume.