Rich in Tradition WebQuest

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1. Each student will select a country based on their family background or 
interest.  Small groups will form from these choices.

2. After groups are divided up and roles assigned, print out the holiday 
discovery worksheet to write down information you find.

3. Students will find their role and click on Internet sites to locate
information on their country and complete the holiday discovery 

4. Click on the links and read through the sites linked to your role, and 
take notes on your holiday discovery worksheet or print out information 
you need. 

5. Finally our group will create a HyperStudio presentation that tells how 
your country's tradition is similar and different to our traditions in the 
United States through a Venn Diagram. The presentation will include where the 
country is located and share a little history about that country. The final 
part of the presentation will include interesting facts based upon that 
country.  It can include information about special foods, traditional 
clothing, songs, etc. 

6.  Once you have created your HyperStudio project, you will present it to 
the class and you will need to convince the class why your celebration is the 
best and be able to defend your opinions through facts.


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