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No late work will be accepted after Friday, 5/26 at 8 A.M.
All library books must be back by Friday.
Teacherease is up to date.
Author projects need to be ready to go on Monday.
Book of Things (Google Classroom assignment) is due on Thursday morning.  This must be submitted and printed!
Have a good one.
Mrs. Mortensen



Happy Mother's Day!  It looks like we will be able to enjoy some great weather this weekend!  Just some info to keep you up to date.
-Our class is so close to earning our sleeping bag/movie day!  Please continue to encourage your child to be a good decision maker at school so we can earn this fun behavior reward.
-We continue to focus on engineering aspects of science with our lab activities.
-The 2-4 concert is Thursday and the band concert is Tuesday.  Info will come home in the Friday folder.
-No school next week Friday.
-Teacherease is up to date.  I have asked your kids to check teacherease so they can get their incomplete work in.  It does not seem like they have checked as many still have missing work.

Thanks again for all the help you have given your child to "stay on track"!
Mrs. Mortensen

Dear Families,
Happy Easter!  I hope you have been enjoying the spring weather!  We are starting to wind down the year.  Amazing!
Below is some info to keep you up to date with things in our room.
-Permission slips for the run/walk and field trip are due.  Please send in asap.
-We have moved on to Models and Designs in Science class.  The activities are engineering/architect type science activities for this unit.
-We have started spelling/vocab units again.  Please remind your students to study.  Reminder: Spelling City has online options to help the kids study.
-We continue to work through sacraments.  Confirmation is the focus for this week and next week.
-Granparent's Day is almost here.  After Mass the grandparents should go to the oldest grandchild's classroom for their treat and cup of coffee.
-Dates to remember:
   May 3rd-Overture Field Trip
   May 4th- Run/walk
   May 5th- May Crowning
   May 4-8 I will be in Kentucky for my daughter's college graduation
   May 16th-Band concert
   May 19th-No School

Have a great week!
Mrs. Mortensen

Hi All,
You may want to check out this video.  Officer Kelly shared parts of it today with your kids.

Baptisms from Friday.