Need to know info:)

Hi All,
You may want to check out this video.  Officer Kelly shared parts of it today with your kids.

Baptisms from Friday.

This seems like a great event.  Our middle school science teacher shared the info with me.

Happy Spring!
Some details about life in fifth grade:
-The state project is complete!  I hope the kids were able to learn a ton during this comprehensive project;).
-Officer Kelly talked about alcohol this week.  The kids got to experience "drunk goggles".
-We have started using Google Classroom for a couple assignments.  I feel the exposure is good for the kids.
-We continue to help with fish fry set up.  Hopefully your kids find it rewarding to help with this parish activity.
-We are working on pray stained glass windows and studying baptism in religion class.
-We are doing book clubs in reading.
-We will start poetry in Language soon.
-We did a fifth grade stations of the cross on Tuesday.  It was very peaceful!
-All late work for third quarter is due tomorrow.
Have a great week.
Mrs. Mortensen

Hi All,
Just a couple things to share!
-Mr. Rosenthal shared a fun clock that you may want to look into.
Take a look at this clock.
You can order a wall clock that costs about $300.
Or it could be a free app that runs on your smart phone or tablet.

-State presentations will continue through next week.
-Officer Kelly has started sharing information about drugs and drug safety.
-No late work for third quarter will be accepted after next Friday.
-Don't forget to send a cold lunch on Friday as we will have no access to the cafeteria and we will eat in the classrooms.
Have a great week!
Mrs. Mortensen

Top Ten Things to Know This Week:
-The state report rubrics are listed on this site.
-The final state report is due next Thursday.
-Presentations for the state project will begin on 3/13.
-There is no school next Friday.
-We have started our Levers and Pulleys unit in Science.
-We will go to the used book sale on 3/17, send $ if you would like your child to be able to purchase something.
-Topic 7 Math test is this Friday.
-We are "growing" worms in our classroom.
-I am interested in doing a Lenten project that involves different types of wood.  If your family has any scrap pieces of wood they would like to donate, please contact me.
-Please be sure to set time aside for your child to read at home.  This should happen most days even though it is not written in the assignment notebook.


Here are just a couple pictures from today.  We were never in a whole group so I don't have pictures of everyone!

Hi All,
Details for the week:
We had our second COPS class.
Body paragraphs for the state project should be being completed.
Kids have grown.  Please check to make sure skirts/skorts are long enough and roomy enough.
I will be at a conference on Thursday and Friday of this week.
We earned an extra recess for walking in the halls appropriately.
Our class will be completing our worm bin next week and then will have a "worm farm" in our classroom.
We enjoyed an ice cream treat this afternoon.
Please see the Valentine's Day section on this website.
Server training is complete as of today.
Book orders will go home on Friday and be due the following week.
We have a field trip to Overture on Friday and another coming up to Monona the end of the month.

Have a great weekend.
Mrs. Mortensen

This morning we were part of the procession and blessing of the church's candles before Mass.

Displaying DSCN4268.JPG

Happy Catholic Schools Week!  I hope your children have been enjoying the activities of the week.  In addition to all the CSW stuff, we had our first COPS class and also continued our server training.  All servers will be trained by the end of next week.  Your server can serve at Mass as soon as they have been trained.  When a new schedule is created, they should be on it.

The state project is moving right along.  Some thoughts to help you help your kids...
-Read the beige pages in your child's folder with them.
-Read through the paragraphs your kids have created.  They have been instructed to listen to your ideas!  
-Help your kids find enough information to actually write their paragraphs.
-We will work on the introduction and conclusion not next week, but the week after.

I will be attending a reading conference out of town on Thursday and Friday of next week.  Please be sure to contact the office if you need my sub to have any information.

Happy February!
Mrs. Mortensen

Dear Families,
It is so hard to believe that second quarter is over, Catholic Schools Week is only a week away, we have started server training and we are already working on paragraphs for our state project!!! Thank you so much for all you are doing to support and encourage your kids!  I know they will just keep maturing and growing and before we know it, they will be all grown up!  Info to keep you up to date:
-Server training will continue.  Three students go up to church at a time and learn to do all server duties.  Once your child has been trained, then they can fill in at weekend Masses.  They may want to wear somewhat decent shoes every time they go to church.
-Innovation Sheets have not all be turned in or okayed.  Please be sure to work with your child to complete the form and get it back ASAP.
-There will most likely be a math test on Friday (long division of whole and decimal numbers)
-COPS or Classes on Personal Safety will start on Wednesday.  Officer Kelly will come teach both fifth grade groups.  Ask your child about it after Wednesday.

Thanks again for partnering with me to educate your kids!
Mrs. Mortensen

Happy Thursday!  
Just a shout out hoping to get a couple fruit donations for Science class.
I need:
4 grapefruits
6 oranges
6 limes
6 lemons

Please don't get these at Brennans.  We are not eating them.  We are testing the acid content in class.
If you are able to donate shoot me an email so I know what I need to pick up myself by Monday.  Please send the fruit on Tuesday to school with your child!

Hi All,
Happy New Year!
The second quarter is winding down so all late work is due by Friday, the 13th.
Please keep an eye on your kiddos as they take notes for the state project at home.  When I have been spot checking them I have noticed misspellings, weak info or way too much info on one post it note.
Book orders need to be in by Friday.  
We have started Food and Nutrition in Science.  We will be testing food to compare fat, sugar and acid contents.  For some of the  labs, I need a variety of cold cereals.  If you could spare about 1/2 cup of your family's favorite or least favorite:) cereal, just throw it in a ziploc and send it in with your child.
This morining I set aside some time to discuss the Innovation Day, but many of the students continued to talk over me, so I just gave them the information to read.  All kids should choose an independent project to work on.
Stay safe and warm,
Mrs. Mortensen


Dear Families,
We are sending home information on the state project in the Friday folders.  This will be your copy to hang in a prominent place in your home.  At my house it would be taped into the cereal cupboard:).  The kids have their own copy in their folders which they should be showing you tonight.  
Some basics that will help you help them:
  • Ms. Jones did a fantastic job of getting links together that are current that might work to find info on the various states.  Kids should go to her website and follow the links.
  • We are teaching the kids one method.  They should use our method of research for this project, but we are stressing that there are more ways to do this.
  • The kids will need to have at least 3 sources.  Sources need all bibliographic info to be filled out on the white pages of their folders.
  • Each source will be associated with a post it note color and the color should be noted along the side of the white bibliographic info.
  • Each post it should have the topic and page at the top and then a phrase or short fact-no complete sentences on the post its!
  • Once info is on the post it note, it should be placed on the appropriate loose leaf page.  If it is a history fact, it should be on the loose leaf titled "history".

    I hope this helps.  How exciting!  It is great to see how much these kids can do once they know how:).

    Mrs. Mortensen