About the Teacher

NAME: Mr. Mark Harrod
SCHOOL: St. Maria Goretti School
CLASS: General Music
SCHOOL PHONE: 271-7551 x166

Why do we teach music at SMG?
Here's a great video to answer that question: CLICK HERE.

Background Information
I graduated from Wittenberg-Birnawood High School in 1993 and then attended UW-Madison where I got my degree in Mathematics. Sounds odd for a music teacher, right? Well, I also studied saxophone, piano and guitar and have performed regularly ever since college. I also have been a private piano, guitar and general music teacher in the Madison Area since 2008. My hobbies include performing and songwriting, swimming, biking and running (I completed my first Ironman in 2014). I also enjoy country living in Belleville my two cats (Lando & Marvin).

Music Curriculum Mission Statement
The music curriculum at St. Maria Goretti School will provide growth and development for our students in basic to advanced musical s
kills. Students will gain knowledge in musical theory, performance, and the connection between music and the world. Students will be taught skills and knowledge to help them grow and reach their potential in respect for the arts, as a student at St. Maria Goretti School and a member of our Parish and the community at large.

SMG School Song
SMG, you are the one.
This is the school where we all have fun.
Learning. Growing. Every day.
Sharing. Respecting. Every way.
SMG, you are the best.
Inside your walls we feel safe and blessed.
Students. Teachers. Principals too.
Together, we all love you.