This Week's News

What a week we had!
We had a super field trip to the Capitol and Historical Museum. Students represented our school very well. 

The Biography presentations went very well - the students should be proud of themselves for all of the hard work they put into the reports and the posters.  Thanks for your support, too.

Thank you for your contributions to our Green Feast, and for the volunteers who came in to help.

Social Studies -
We are learning about the five landform regions of Wisconsin.  There will be a test on Tuesday, March 29.

We're starting our unit on Geometry.  So far we've introduced lines, line segments, rays and angles.  We'll work on parallel and perpendicular lines and introduce polygons.

Our genre this week is informative writing and the grammar concept is irregular comparative adjectives (good, better, best, etc.)  We'll read some history as well as a little bit about as archaeology, which will lead nicely into our next Social Studies unit.

Students have been given an assignment to describe a rock in detail.  I have a tub of rocks, if you can't find one.