This Week's News

Well, we're headed down the home stretch!   
Lots of fun and clean-up this week. 
(Along with a little review of some topics we've covered this year. )

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered for all of our end of year activities, We're being really crafty lately :)

Taste of Wisconsin:
Students volunteered to bring items for our end of the day tasting.  Anything that needs to be refrigerated or frozen can go into the fridge/freezer in the cafeteria.  Please be sure to label your items 4C.  
Also, remember, these are just sample portions.

Field Day is Thursday, rain or shine.  It's obviously a non-uniform day, and students may want to coordinate their clothes with the theme/color of their team bandana, but they certainly don't have to.    There is not hot lunch, so unless you've signed up for a sack lunch, you need to bring one.  Milk and water will be available.
Sunscreen needs to be applied at home.  Hopefully, we'll have sunshine.

Remember, Friday is our last day, and we dismiss at 11:15.