This Week's News

Grades 2-4  will be  entertaining the "Carefree Years" group in the Parish Hall on Wednesday after their  luncheon.  They'll be singing some  of the songs they're practicing for their concert.

Grandparents Day!
One of the most fun days of the year is on Friday,   April 28 - that's Grandparents' and  Grandfriends' day.

We created three  dimensional shapes using  nets (your student can explain) and continued to identify shapes by their edges, vertices and faces. We'll continue with area and perimeter next week.

Religion-We watched a video describing the events immediately following the crucifixion, leading up to and including the Resurrection.  Students also read about the Seventh Commandment - Thou shalt not Steal.

Students are creating  their own Legend patterned after the Native American Legends.  Rough drafts are due Monday.

The family in "The Birchbark House" has made the move from the Birchbark  House to their cabin in preparation for the winter.  We've had some discussion (here and in Social Studies) about Native American spirituality.

Social Studies-
Next week we'll learn about explorers and fur traders in Wisconsin.  We'll have a test on Tuesday,  May 2.  A review sheet will come home on   Tuesday of next week.

As part of the Human Body unit, the class will be dissecting owl pellets next week.