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Message from Mrs. Young

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Message from Mrs. Young

               "In my hands I hold today...In my dreams I hold tomorrow...In my faith I hold forever."

Our students are blessed by the SMG community.  They are given limitless opportunities to grow spiritually and academically.  Not only are they learning what is required, but they are also being taught what is modeled by the adults in their lives.

They see parishioners at prayer, they watch them give service and see the generosity.  They watch their teachers live the faith in the classroom as they share what is important in daily life as a child of God.  They see their priests, deacons and those in religious life live joyfully in their vocation.  Each day it is possible for each student to see the living faith.

Our future leaders will be well prepared to guide their own faith community as they become adults and take the reigns of responsibility.  In their dreams they do hold tomorrow...and in their faith they will hold forever.

Thank you for all of your prayers, time, talent and treasure.  We could not do this without the total SMG community.

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