Billy's Anti-Bullying Journey

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Hello students!  My name is Billy Anti-Bullying!  I am a friend to all kids 
out there who have been bullied, because I know how it feels.  I was bullied 
by classmate and with the help of friends I was able to STOP THE BULLYING!  

Together, we are going to go on a journey to learn about how it feels to be 
bullied and why some kids bully others.  By the end of our quest, you will 
be able to answer the questions…

(1)	What is bullying?
(2)	How can I help prevent bullying?
(3)	How can I be a friend to someone who is being bullied?
(4)	What can I do if I am being bullied?

So, get ready to explore, create and most importantly…learn!

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Last Modified: Saturday, February 07, 2009
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