Billy's Anti-Bullying Journey

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The students will break up into groups of 3 or 4.  Each Anti-Bullying team 
will take on a role:  the bully, the victim, and the classmate.
Bully- The students will research and explore "what is a bully?"  They will 
identify reasons why a child would bully another child.   They will also 
learn what feelings are associated with being a bully, and who often becomes 
the target of bullying.  

Victim- The students will explore why a child may become a victim of 
bullying.   They will learn what they can do if they are being bullied.  
They will also explore how it feels to be bullied, who can a victim 
turn to for help, and how a victim can end the bullying.  

Classmate/Witness- The students will explore how it feels to be the witness 
of bullying between friends. They will also learn how it feels to be stuck 
in the middle of a bullying situation, and how a classmate can help put an 
end to the bullying.

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