Billy's Anti-Bullying Journey

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STEP1. First, your teacher will break you up into 3 groups and decide which 
role (bully, victim, or classmate) each group is going to take on.

STEP2. Once you have bee assigned a role, go to your individual role pages 
to get further instructions and web pages for your role.  You should take 
notes and print out important information that you gather while you surf the 

STEP3. Once everyone has found the information they are looking for, you 
will work together to create a poster that provdies information about your 
topic.  The poster should include text, pictures, and should be creative!

STEP4. After you have created your poster, you will present your poster and 
the information you have gathered to your classmates.  In this step, you 
will be the teacher, so you should be an expert on your role!  

STEP5. As a class, you will create an Anti-Bullying pamphlet that includes 
information from all 3 poster presentations.  The pamphlet should include  
information about the bully, victim, and classmate, as well as helpful 
website reccomendations for students who want to learn more about bullying 

STEP 6:  Your posters will be displayed on the main hallway bulletin board 
so everyone in th school can benefit from your research, hard work and Anti-
Bullying expertise!

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