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New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards 

STANDARD 9.2 (Consumer, Family, and Life Skills) All students will 
demonstrate critical life skills in order to be functional members of 

Building upon knowledge and skills gained in preceding grades, by the end of 
Grade 8, students will:
A. Critical Thinking
-Communicate, analyze data, apply technology, and problem solve. 
-Describe how personal beliefs and attitudes affect decision-making. 
-Identify and assess problems that interfere with attaining goals. 
-Recognize bias, vested interest, stereotyping, and the manipulation and 
misuse of information. 
-Practice goal setting and decision-making in areas relative to life skills. 

C. Interpersonal Communication
-Demonstrate respect and flexibility in interpersonal and group situations. 
-Work cooperatively with others to solve a problem. 
-Demonstrate appropriate social skills within group activities. 
-Practice the skills necessary to avoid physical and verbal confrontation in 
individual and group settings. 
-Participate as a member of a team and contribute to group effort. 

D. Character Development and Ethics
-Explain and demonstrate how character and behavior affects and influences 
the actions of others in the home, school, and community. 
-Describe and demonstrate appropriate character traits, social skills, and 
positive attitudes needed for the home, school, community, and workplace. 
List problems and their causes, effects, and solutions that are faced in the 
home, school, and/or community. 

National Association of School Psychologists, Stadards for the Credentialing 
of School Psychologists (http://www.nasponline.org/standards/index.aspx)

Domain 6: School Structure, Organization and Climate. School Psychologists 
must have the ability to understand the school as a system and work with 
individuals and groups to facilitate structure and policies that create and 
maintain schools as safe, caring, and inviting places for members of the 

        Standard 5: Knowledge/application of NJDOE�s Initiatives (i.e.
        Bullying, Character Education, etc.)

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