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Information for Teachers

WebQuest Extensions:
1. Have students add a multimedia component to their presentation (slideshow, powerpoint, camcorder, internet, Promethean Board/Smart Board, etc...).
2. If it is feasible have each child bring in a cultural food from the continent they studied.
3. Have students create Where In the World? cards with statements like "Where in the world is Susie J? Here are some clues. (Student would list clues to that continent or country depending on ability of the children you are working with). " Then let the other students try to guess what continent/county that person is in.
Teacher Documents, Handouts, and Online Resources:
Teacher Record Sheet
Scoring Rubric
Job Cards
Potential Continent Purchasing forms
Online printable maps can be found at: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/xpeditions/
This website has a great game to help children learn their continents. It can also be used as a pre- and post-test to see what the students knew coming in and know going out. There are 4 levels. You will have to see which is most appropriate for the children you are working with. Personally, I like level 2. http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/World_Continents.htm
TN State Standards:

3rd Grade TN Reading Standards


3.1.01.e:            Participate in creative responses to text (e.g., choral reading, discussion,  
    dramatization, and oral presentations).
3.1.01.f:            Summarize orally what has been learned or accomplished after completing an 
    activity or assignment.
3.1.01.g:           Give oral presentations about experiences or interests, using eye contact,
    proper pacing, adequate volume, and clear enunciation.


3.1.02.a:           Listen attentively to speaker for specific information.


3.1.10.b:          Use media sources to access information (e.g., online catalog, non-fiction
   books, encyclopedias, CD-ROM references, Internet).



3rd Grade TN Social Studies Standards


3.3.03:             Demonstrate how to identify and locate major physical and political features
     on globes and maps.


3.3.spi.9:          Recognize the identifying characteristics of certain geographic features (i.e.,
    peninsula, islands, continents, mountains, rivers, deserts, oceans, and forests).



3rd Grade TN Technology Standards


3.1.1:               Students will demonstrate an understanding of the nature and operation of

   technology systems.


3.5.1:               Students will use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information

    from a variety of sources.


3.5.2:               Students will use technology tools to process data and report results.



3rd Grade TN Language Arts Standards


0301.1.1:         Demonstrate knowledge of Standard English usage, mechanics, and spelling.


0301.1.3:         Demonstrate knowledge of Standard English sentence structure.


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