Early Exploration of the Americas

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Social Studies California Standards:

5.2 Students trace the routes of early explorers and describe the early 
explorations of the Americas. 
1.	Describe the entrepreneurial characteristics of early explorers 
(e.g., Christopher Columbus, Francisco V�squez de Coronado) and the 
technological developments that made sea exploration by latitude and 
longitude possible (e.g., compass, sextant, astrolabe, seaworthy ships, 
chronometers, gunpowder). 
2.	Explain the aims, obstacles, and accomplishments of the explorers, 
sponsors, and leaders of key European expeditions and the reasons Europeans 
chose to explore and colonize the world (e.g., the Spanish Reconquista, the 
Protestant Reformation, the Counter Reformation). 
3.	Trace the routes and the distances traveled by explorers, and the 
Atlantic trade routes that linked Africa, the West Indies, the British 
colonies, and Europe. 

Technology Standards:
0.5 - 0.15 Basic word processing skills
11.1  Navigate through a multi-media presentation
11.2  Use age-appropriate multimedia software, PowerPoint
11.3  Create an electronic slide presentation
11.4  Demonstrate appropriate presentation skills, focusing on pace and     
      image/message transitions.
11.5  Use a variety of outlining tools in creating a presentation
11.6  Integrate various media
11.7  Import file formats (graphics, sound, video, etc)
11.11 Plan, organize, and save multimedia files with attention to file size

Language Arts Standards
1.d-f Writing:  Research and Technology

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