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Equivalence Expert

Your role in your group is to become an expert on equivalence in fractions. 
You will learn and be able to explain to your group how to:

1.  determine equivalence, 
2.  generate equivalent fractions using a length model,
3.  generate equivalent fractions using multiplication and division rules,
4.  find the least common denominator (LCD) of a pair of fractions.

Internet Links

This is a basic overview of Equivalent Fractions.
Equivalent Fractions Introduction

This tutorial will show you with both circle and lines how to rename fractions
in higher and lower terms.  Start by clicking on "To Higher Terms 1."  Read
what it says, then continue clicking down the list until you finish at "To
Lower Terms 6."
Renaming Fractions

Now you get to practice what you just learned.  Start with "Rename in Higher
Click on "How to Cancel" to watch the demonstration on renaming to
lowest terms. Play the Find Grandpa game at the bottom!
Practice Renaming Fractions

Here, click on Part 2: Equivalent Fractions and on More Practice underneath
that for more practice renaming fractions.
More Renaming Information and Practice

This will take you to a worksheet where you can practice forming equivalent
fractions using division and multiplication.  Complete the worksheet (it has
been printed for you).
Changing Denominators Worksheet

This will take you to a worksheet where you can practice changing one fraction
to an equivalent fraction by reducing to lowest terms.
Equivalent Fractions: Lowest Terms

If you need an easier look at equivalent fractions, try this website.  Once
you go there, you will need to click on and read through sections <4>, <5>,
and <6>.
Fractions with Zeebo

Other Resources

You may also use the SRB (online or book) to read about your topic.


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