This is an individual assignment.  You will need your science lab notebook and a pen.  A good scientist always puts a title and a date in their notebook.  Put today's date and the title "Physical & Chemical Changes WQ" at the top of your page.

Step 1: Think about some of the changes in matter that we've seen.  Now, in your science lab notebook, write 3 examples of physical and/or chemical changes. 

Step 2: Use the links listed below to identify a working definition for physical and chemical changes.  Write:  (1) a description, (2) an example, and (3) draw a picture for both physical and chemical changes.  Record your findings in your science lab notebook. 

Physical and Chemical Changes 
What is the difference between physical and chemical change? 

Step 3: Chemists use clues to determine if there has been a change in matter.  Use the link below to find record at least 4 of the changes in your science lab notebook.

 Super Taker Soccer   (click on soccer ball to start)

Step 4:  Now let’s take a mini quiz to see if you’re getting the ideas behind physical and chemical changes.  Click on a link below to start.


Physical and Chemical Changes Quiz