The Evolution of the Tristan Myth

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<center>Brangwain's Metamorphosis

Though only a supporting character, Brangwain's influence on the story is profound. Her character moves from being much more involved as a driving factor of the action to a seeming afterfact in modern adaptations. Follow the links below and investigate the nature in which Brangwain's character is forgotten. You may want to argue that her character develops more overtime and is more important in modern adaptations even though her presence is less obvious. There is no right answer to the question! Please consider the following questions when forming your notes: 1. What implications does Brangwain mixing a love potion have on the medieval versions of the story? 2. How does Wagner's change in Brangwain, particularly in her ability to foreshadow impending doom, change the Brangwain from the past? 3. What do these changes say about the 19th century? How are these change a radical departure from medieval interpretation's of the story? 4. In both Wagners' Tristan und Isolde and in Kevin Reynold's 2006 film adaptation of the myth, Brangwain and Isolde do not switch places during Isolde's wedding night. What implications did the switch have on the medieval story? What does the absence of the switch tell you about modern adaptations? 5. In the 2006 film adaptation of the myth, Isolde tells Tristan her name is Brangae for fear of revealing her true name. What symbollic undertones does this carry? **Remember that these are guiding questions that should be included in your notes, but they should not exclusively make up your notes

Internet Links

This link offers an isolated incident in which Brangwain demonstrates many 
of her underlying character traits. It is from various medieval forms of the 
Brangwain escapes death.

This offers a profile of the strengths and main storyline that Brangwain 
follows throughout medieval forms of the story.
Character profile

Offers a brief description of Wagner's main goals for Brangwain (Brangane) 
in his opera.
Wagner's Description of Brangwain

An in depth synopsis of the opera, Tristan und Isolde. Offers great insight 
into Brangwain's role in a modernized version of the story.
Synopsis of Tristan und Isolde, the Opera

Trailer for the 2006 Kevin Reynold's adaptation of the myth. Please note the 
manner in which Brangwain is absent in much of the trailer. Why is this so?
Trailer for the Kevin Reynold's Movie Tristan + Isolde


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