Follow these steps to conduct your research on the climate zones and prepare for your trip.
Complete the packet Climate-webquest-packet.docx

1) Locate the climate zone chart on your packet.  Click on the following link to fill out your chart with information from each of the climate zones.  The characteristics column should be used to describe that zone.  The examples column should be used to name specific places that are located in the climate zone.

Climate Zones of the World

2) You are going to begin your journey around the world in Chicago, Illinois.  You will be leaving Chicago in October.  Use the following link to locate the various places in the world that you will be visiting. REMEMBER that you are beginning your trip in OCTOBER!!  Use the website to find the information you need for each place you visit.  
**Use the Climate Zones of the World link to find out what climate zone you are in!

Specific Climate Zones

Example of how to use the Specific Climate Zone link. To start in Chicago, click on North America. Then click on The United States.  From there click on Illinois.  Then click on the link for Chicago Weather.  When you are done gathering data for Chicago back click till you get to the map of the world, then find your next location.

3) Complete your packet