Changing of the Earth's Surface

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Step 1: 
For each group, divide yourselves up and determine who ill look at each 
website. There are 6 of you 
to a group so three of you look at one website and three of you look at the 

Step 2:
The first group determine when the most recent earthquake, volcano 
erruption, or landslide was. 

The second part of your group determine how one might prepare and handle an 
earthquake, volcano 
erruption, or landslide. 

Step 3:
As a group come back together and decide whether these events are gradual or 
sudden changes.

At the end of the task you will be asked to make a presentation on what you 
found. It needs to be about five minutes in length. Each person in your 
group should have a chance to speak. Determine the best way to share with 
the rest of the class what you discovered about your particular topic. Don't 
forget to answer the essential questions in your presentation. Make sure to 
leave time at the end of you presentation for studnet to ask questions.

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