Who Were the People of the Westward Movement

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California Gold Miner

You will be gathering information on the people who traveled westward to 
California to search for gold and riches. You must be sure to find: Who were 
the God Miners and were there any significant people, What were they known 
for, When did they travel westward, and the sigficance that they had in the 
big picture of westward expansion.

Internet Links

Read about the discovery of gold in John Sutter's own words. He describes how 
this discovery ruined his business. Use the links at the left to read more 
first-hand accounts and to see lithographic views.

Explore the numerous links at this newspaper site that offers extensive 
information about the Gold Rush. Learn more about the people involved and 
view maps of the travels they made by land and by ocean. "Resources" includes 
a timeline and an online quiz.

Read some fun facts about the Gold Rush, including reasons why people paid 
$100 for water and the travelers' lack of cleanliness.

Click on a name to read more about these mining camps.

Use the links at the left to learn more about the California Gold Rush and 
the people involved. Find out what it was like to live in a mining camp.

Read about three choices gold seekers had for traveling west to California.

Click on "Begin the Adventure" to learn about the California Gold Rush. This 
library site includes excerpts from primary documents and historic drawings.

Read about how the invention of Levi's blue jeans is tied to the California 
Gold Rush.

Large collection of online photos grouped by theme including surveys, trails, 
soldiering, lawkeeping, life by the land, and life by the sea. Scroll down to 
click on the links to the photographs.

Historic photos from the Library of Congress and the Denver Public Library.

See what the pioneers saw on the California Trail.

Other Resources

World Book Online


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