Welcome to Ms. Boczek's Website for Summer 2017!

3rd Graders at last !!!!!
Congratulations and 
 God Bless You Always!!

It was a bittersweet day , but now you are on your way to becoming 3rd Graders. Congratulations !!!
Students, you have been a true blessing to me this year. I will remember each one of you fondly with a grateful heart that God brought us together.
Thank you for being so thoughtful and kind. Thank you for "standing up and being that special somebody " each day---wonderful YOU!!!
Thank you for being the BEST 2nd Graders in the state of WV .
Remember to always let your conscience be your guide!!!! xoxoxox

I will remember each of you fondly  :
Ben--for your love of hockey and great insight on whatever we were reading.
Cadence--your lovely singing voice at Mass and great expressive voice when reading. 
Cooper--for your love of history and being an expert on facts. !! Your kind and gentle voice. 
Ashlyn--for your talents in writing ! Your love of helping others . Thank you!!
Sean--for your beautiful printing/cursive. Your enthusiasm and eagerness for receiving your First Holy Communion. It was hard having to be patient to receive Jesus ..but May 21st was the day Jesus had picked especially for you!! So happy for you when the day finally arrived.
Sam--your love of animals and your kind heart for all of God's creation.
Cordelia-the beautiful way you express your feelings in your writing. Your lovely smile. So uplifting.
Simon-your wonderful math mind and common sense! Thank you !!
Ronald Anthony-your creativity ! Expressive voice and artistic abilities. WOW!
Leila-(Tizzy Lish) Our 'butterfly" girl. Creativity always flowing.'s endless.. your possiblities!!! "Fly on......and continue to shine..xoxoxo
Greta--The new gal on the block  to St. Francis. We love you !!! Your hard work ethic in all subject areas !! Great Job!!!
Sarah--Your beautiful handwriting and creative art work. Wonderful !!! We love and will miss you next year. Godspeed to you and your family as you make your new home in Tennessee.
Connor--for your amazing knowledge of vocabulary ! Fantastic!! Your thoughtfulness/manners to adults and classmates. I thank you. 
Audrey--Our Culinary Chef !!!  I will remember your willingness to always help others and your love of Disney World !! 
Madelynn--for your quiet personality and your dynamite work !!! Bravo, Madelynn!!!
Natalia-for your intelligence and our classroom "World Traveler!" Bon Voyage and safe travels to you and your family on your journeys this summer.
Addie-for your precision work and kind and gentle heart. 

Thank you !
Thank you dearly to all of the students in attendance on our last day.
It was very special to be able to go to Mass and pray with you. 
That meant a lot to me, and I hope it did you , too.

Work sent home :
Report Cards will be ready Friday afternoon.
Terra Nova scores will be made available to parents as soon as we receive them. No they have not arrived.
Students have brought home all of their work from throughout the year.
For the two students who were not at school on the last day, you may pick up your work in the classroom at your convenience.
Parent, please check your child's green or red folder as they brought home their STAR READING SCORE. Attached to that paper is a paper on what your child should work on /review over the summer.
If there are any questions, please ask.

Summer Skills

Remember : skills not practiced , are soon forgotten.
All students should take at least 15-30 minutes each day to read, work on facts, addition and subtraction with and without regrouping, and mulitiplication facts. 
The students have written multiplication facts 0 to 12 to study over the summer. They were sent home all stapled together.
Students should also practice review of cursive letters. Students have learned all of the lower and upper case letters. They should practice every day in order for skills not to be lost. Encourage your child to practice with chalk outside, use a paint brush and water.....anything creative to keep the cursive process fresh and on target !!!


Student read , read , read over the summer. Log, log, log minutes.
Your goal is 1,300 minutes  for the summer which equals 11 minutes a day.
You can do it !! Let's come back and begin our new school year being #1 in the state of WV again!!! Remember: School wide reward for all students achieving the goal!!!!

**Your child's user name and password was sent home
If you misplace your child's log in, please email me and I will email it to you. 
Please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you , Thank you, Thank you , Thank you !!
To all parents who have helped in the classroom this year or donated to the classroom. You helped make the year special !!!

First of all, the students and I send warm thanks to Mrs. LaSala ( Simon's mom) and Mrs. Szwec (Cadence's mom) for being wonderful homeroom moms this year.
Thank you for all of the planning you did for each of our 3 parties, plus the numerous other things you did to make it a great year.

Marcy Cook Math
Our 2nd grade students couldn't have enjoyed these math activites without Mrs. LaSala, Mrs. Corwin (Madelynn), and Mrs. Giuliani (Leila) showing up each week to coach the groups!! 
Thank you !
The students really do enjoy and benefit from this program. Thank you for making that happen for them.

Thank you to Mrs. Dietz (Connor) for being a substitute for Marcy Cook Math, for coordinating our author's week , and sending in many snacks for our Book Bashes.

Thank you to all the parents who sent in snacks for our Book Bashes, extra craft items, or gave of your time in the classroom during math fact testing or reading in the library.
Your time was greatly appreciated.
Mr. Buterbaugh,Ms. Buterbaugh, Dr. Cassim, Dr. Fancy, Mr. and Mrs. Corwin, Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Dr. and Mrs. Dietz, Mr. and Mrs. Dinh, Mr. and Mrs. Doretto, Mr. and Mrs. Giuliani, Dr. Labritz and Mr. Labritz, Mr. and Mrs. LaSala, Mr. and Mrs. Metzger,
Ms. Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. Moritz, Mr. and Mrs. Shumiloff,
Mr. Nash, Mr. and Mrs. Poach, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Szwec, and Dr. Wilson and Mr. Wilson.

Check out Shutterfly for pictures of today's festivities and for pictures of former St. Francis students.

My heartfelt thanks to all families for sharing your children with me this year. I love each of them !!
God bless each of you with a safe, healthy , and happy summer.

Mary Ann Boczek








Additional/helpful reminders:

SHUTTERFLY : I hope that parents are getting onto this sight to view photos of your children. Enjoy!

Students, please be responsible with your belongings.It is your responsibility to keep your belongings in ONE SAFE SPOT.Establish one area to put all of your things. This includes your backpack, library books, bags of flash cards, green folder, reading book, homework etc.When you have completed your homework all of the above things should be put back into your green folder and /or backpack.

Please remember to work in a CLEAN FREE ZONE!
Some assignments have grease and / or food stains.
Thank you for doing your part, students!!! The better you are at being organized with your belongings this year, the better off you will be in the years ahead.
Remember to ask a parent or guardian to look over your work each night, and then ask them to sign your assignment book.
Your parents are to guide you, but this is your responsibility.

Student reminders:
*Don't forget to pack all of your belongings for school ,so that you can have a successful school day.
*Check your assignment book each night and make sure your work is completed on both sides of the paper. Parents /guardians are asked to please initial the assignment book each night in the date box. This lets me know that an adult has seen the assignments for homework.
*Make sure that your work is put back into your green folder. Completed papers with a red star or smiley face need to be removed from the green folder.
*Don't forget to pack your flash cards, crayons, colored pencils, and a snack.

Book Bash:
tudents brought their first Book Bash log home. . For the month of September, students are required to read at least 420 minutes (15 min. per day) in order to be able to participate in the end of the month Book Bash. This month our focus will be on Johnny Appleseed. Students should log the minutes they spend reading at home from: AR books, regular library books, stories from our reading text that are assigned for homework, independent readers that I send home, or books at your home.
Parents, please help your child log their minutes each day. Credit will not be given for reading logs containing just a few enteries with large amounts of time read in one sitting. Ex. Ramona the Pest :60 minutes.  or 120 minutes .  Students should be logging  minutes each day or at least every other day.

Prayer Table
I encourage the students to create a prayer table at home. A place where they can go and talk to God. A prayer table can be made out of an empty box, covered with a piece of material or a blanket. On the prayer table , students could put a rosary, words to prayers, the Bible, pictures of saints

2nd Graders follow  P.A.R.R.O.W.S  to be successful , 

P: Prayerful--first we have to have a relationship with God--each day ! Prayer is important in developing our relationship with God.
A: Attitude--I can do anything!!! God loves me!!! I need a good attitude!
R: Respect--treat others as you want to be treated.
R: Responsibility--be prepared ; be on time.
O: Organization--a needed life skill. It is "My" responsibility to keep myself organized.
W: Work--School is my job.
S: Success--School is hard work..We need to work to succeed. 

Additional Reminders:
Assignments Books: Parents, please write your initials in the daily date box each day, so that I know that you are aware of your child's homework. The assignment book will come home each night...even if there is not homework. This helps with their consistency with responsibility. Thank you.

Green folders: Green means GO! These folders will come home each night. Most nights there will be homework. Students are to complete their work and return it in the green folder. Any papers with a red smiley face or a star at the top of the paper will be  placed on the side take out. These papers should be left at home. It is the student's responsibility to clean out their folders each night.
Parents, please use the green folder to send in behavior charts ,  forms, scrip etc. Also, please let your child know when you have put notes, forms, scrip in their green folder, so they hopefully will remember to turn in at school.

White Folders: These folders will be sent home with graded papers. I usually send home each Monday. Students are to remove their work and return the empty folder to school the following day.

Medicine: Please  send any medicine your child needs to the office for safe keeping . I do not keep medicine in my room. If your child brings any type of throat drop to school, please place in a bag with child's name. I will keep your child's bag in my desk drawer until the end of the day. 

 We have a snacktime between 8:30 and 9:00. Your child is asked to bring their own snack from home each day. Please make the snack HEALTHY and EASY to  CLEAN UP.  Please no cookies, chips, or candy. I also that ask that no GO GURTS be sent as they lead to mess. Students may bring a water bottle, but I ask that they not be frozen , as this leads to water mess as it thaws. We have a water fountain outside our classroom, and students are welcome to use it anytime when instruction is not being given. Label bottles with your child's name. 
3. Eat a good breakfast each morning. Breakfast is not served at school.
4. Students who arrive at school before 7:40 will report to the cafeteria (as in the past) and be supervised by Ms. Martin, our gym teacher.
5. At 7:40 , students will report to our classroom. Any student arriving at  7:40 or after will report directly
to our classroom .

Students are welcome to bring a snack to celebrate their birthday which will be eaten at our regular snack time. Please follow the snack guidelines from above.  The snack needs to be individually wrapped for easy hand out. No cake , cookies , or doughnuts. 
Also, please make the flavors the same--not a variety pack. Thank you 

Ms. Boczek's Specials are as follows:
 St. Francis : Gym -Ms. Martin. Students will need their gym shoes .
 St. John : Music - Mrs. Hamilton
 St. Luke : Art- Ms. Sheets
 St. Mary : Spanish - Dr. Caruso
LIBRARY will be every Wednesday at 9:45.
Specials will continue to rotate using the above schedule.

Safety Reminder:
Parents, Please remember to send in a note/email to your child's teacher/office  if your child is going home with someone different at the end of the day. 
Please let your child's teacher/office know if your child will be late for school due to appts. etc. 

 2nd Graders, please remember your belts and shirts tucked into your pants
Girls- post earrings are allowed. Please no dangle earrings. 
Fingernail polish is not allowed
Boys-please follow the guidelines for hair length.

Library News. 
Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to read to our children. Parents can log on to the site below to sign up for read aloud. Our read aloud is on Wednesday at 9:45.

Here is the link for parents to sign up to read during our library hours : Every Wednesday at 9:45. The

Math Fact sign up!/showSignUp/30e0944a8ab29a46-math

Virtus Training
Any person ( parent, guardian, grandparents, relatives etc) that is interested in volunteering at the school must complete a background check and VIRTUS TRAINING prior to working with students. The forms plus additional information can be found online at
Upon completion of your training,please turn your certificate into the office.

I have a collection box in our classroom, so please send your boxtops. (please trim neatly) Thanks!!!!

This is a school fundraiser where families can purchase gift cards through St. Francis from a variety of businesses. Go to our school webpage -- . You can also contact Lauren Stupar ( with questions.