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2017-18 School Year

Here is the first part of an Advent song that the children are learning.
Children, share your singing talents with your family through this beautiful song.
Prepare the way for the coming of God, make a straight path for the coming of God
Prepare the way for the coming of God , make a straight path for the coming of God.
Every valley fill it in,
every mountain make it small
Every valley fill it in,
every mountain make it small..
(repeat prepare the way........ 2 more times )

Advent means coming. Advent is a time of waiting and preparing for the coming of Jesus.
Prepare the way for the coming of God, make a straight path for the coming of God.
This Week : Dec. 4-8
Monday, Dec. 4 -
Reading vocabulary, vocab. list/match game, spelling lists were handed out. Students, use the match game pieces to practice your new vocabulary words and meanings.

Tuesday, Dec. 5
Marcy Cook Math activities 12:15-1 PM Canceled due to ADVENT SHOW PRACTICE

Wednesday, Dec. 6  Library Day Please bring your books.
This Wednesday, Dec. 6 the Church celebrates St. Nicholas' Feast Day. The students will put out their school gym shoes in hopes of St. Nicholas making a visit to leave a treat. Students, don't forget to leave out a shoe on Tuesday night at your house!!!

Vocabulary oral reading test of words and written quiz

Thursday, Dec. 7
Regular day. Mass is on Friday this week. 
Grammar test on plurals.

Friday, Dec. 8  Math fact testing canceled due to Mass
We celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. Students will attend Mass on Friday instead of Thursday. Thanks for remembering the Offertory.

Test Day : Reading, Spelling , and morning packet

What we will learn this week : Monday , Dec. 4- Friday, Dec. 8
The Liturgical calendar.

Reading : Reading test this Friday, Dec. 8
Story : The Bremen Town Musicians pgs. 256-275
Phonics and Spelling : Plurals
Genre : Fairy Tale
Comprehension : Author's Purpose

We begin Chapter 4 Subtract Two-Digit Number
Students will:
Use related facts to make two-digit number families.
Take apart numbers to make a ten to subtract
Use models to regroup and find differences.
Subtract one-digit numbers from two-digit numbers.
Subtract two-digit numbers.
Rewrite a horizontal two-digit subtraction problem vertically before subtracting.
Use addition to check subtraction
Write a number sentence to solve problems.
Use addition and subtraction with 100 to solve two-step word problems.

Morning Packet Test : Friday, Dec.8 .

Reading Test Friday, Dec. 1/ Spelling Test also on Friday, Dec. 8.
: The Bremen Town Musicians pgs. 256-275
Genre: fairy tale
Phonics /Spelling : plural nouns
Spelling words  note notes lunch lunches story stories tune tunes switch switches baby babies crumbs supplies centuries
Vocabulary words to read (not spell)  partnership solution survival bought people pleasant probably scared shall sign excitement mill monsters musicians robbers
Comprehension : author's purpose : 
Authors have reasons for writing. Authors can write :

to entertain,
to inform or explain something
to describe something
to persuade 

Grammar: plural nouns 

Social Studies finishing facts Beavers  Science : Animals helping Animals. 

This is the end of this week's updates. Wishing you a peaceful Advent season.

Snow Day Packets #1 and #2 were sent home : Monday , Nov. 20.
The packets should only be completed in the event that school is called off for the entire day due to inclement weather. Please do not complete unless there is no school.
Remember that we no longer follow the Mon. County school snow day postings for delays/cancellations. 
Mr. Moore will post on our St. Francis website and it will be on WDTV. Many times Mon. County calls school off, but St. Francis is open.
 (Sometimes Mon. County schools close or are on delay for cold temperatures due to having many bus riders. )  St. Francis has school on those days. 
If St. Francis has a 2-hour delay, packets are not to be completed.
Only complete the packet(s) in the event of school being canceled for the entire day.
The two packets are for the first two snow days. Complete one packet per snow day.
Please read to your child the expectations for the work. We realize that the packets can be frustrating, however, the work counts as a day of school that won't have to make up. 
Competed work is to be returned on our first day back to school. Please keep the packet work together upon return to school with # , name, and date on all papers.

Cold Weather
Please help your child to remember to wear/bring a coat, hat, and gloves to school now that cold weather is here. It gets very windy/cold up on this hill, and we do go outside for recess if the temperature is above freezing. The students need fresh air even if it is just for a quick walk around the playground. 
Girls should be wearing pants or leggings with their jumpers, skirts, etc.

Library Books/AR

Students tested on their AR BOOK today and most completed one or two IXL math skills.
Students are encouraged to keep their AR and library book in their backpack at all times. If students don't have their AR book, then they can't test. Also, it will alleviate students forgetting their books on Wednesday for Library. Thanks a lot for helping to remind your child.

November is the month we remember and keep in prayer all of our loved ones.
May eternal rest be granted to them O'Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them. Amen

IXL log in numbers
Students are to sign in from our school's IXL page at
Each student has their username and password.

Reading Log
Students, don't forget to log your reading minutes. You are doing a great job logging the weekly stories from our reading book. Keep it up.
Please make sure to read over the Thanksgiving break and log your minutes as well.

Additional Notes


Parents, please look for an email from Shutterfly. By signing up you will be able to view photos that we take of your children throughout the year. Thank you.Religion Note
If your child is planning on celebrating his/her First Holy Communion, please find out when formation classes at your church begin. If students do not participate in the classes, they will not be able to celebrate this Sacrament in the spring. Please share this information with friends. Thank you.

 Classroom Sign Ups

Math Fact sign up.
Please click on the sign up below
Math facts are every Friday from 8-8:30. We will begin testing  : Friday, Sept. 8. The flash cards you test on will be in the classroom. Just bring yourself.


Library Read Aloud !! Wednesdays from 9:30-9:.50 
Parents can read the first 15 to 20 minutes of class. The remainder of the time the students will be selecting books to read.
Click on the link below to sign up for read aloud. Thank you for volunteering.

Marcy Cook Math every Tuesday from 12:15 to 1:00
hank you to Mrs. Biundo (Rosalia's mom) and Mrs. Funari (Lucia's mom) for volunteering to be our Marcy Cook Math moms.  I would like to have one more mom or dad. Please let me know if you are interested.

Students : please clean out your green folder each night on the side Take out/leave home. 
A great way to show responsibility.

Assignment Book
Students , don't forget to ask you parents to "please' initial your assignment book each night. That is part of your responsibility as a catholic school student. Make sure to say , "Thank you." to the parent that signed.  Manners are important to use every day. Thanks.

Parents, I am reinforcing manners with your children that you have taught them at home.
Manners are so important throughout our lives. They are life skills as we know it.
This year students are encouraged to stand and greet visitors in the classroom to reinforce hospitality to our room and school.
Appearance is also important, so reminders are given out for tucked shirts, combed hair , shoes tied. When we look sharp , we do neat work !!
Students are encouraged to "Build the Body Up in one another, not tear the Body Down." Students demonstrate this by giving compliments to one another when working in groups and cheering on one another when presenting an idea to the class. Students "give a round of applause" "give a Fantasic spray", or "kiss their brain" for good work.
Students are  encouraged to look at adults in the eye and speak to them.
Ex. Good morning Mr. Moore.
I  greet the students each morning with saying hello as they enter the classroom. This  not only reinforces hospitalilty , but it sheds light on their "mood " for that morning. Sometimes a lot can be learned from a child with a  simple "hello". 
The students are encouraged to return ," Good morning Ms. Boczek "each morning as well.
Thank you for reminding your children to get into the habit.
Also, encourage your child to speak to their priest/minister each weekend at Church.
This will boost your child's confidence as well.
Thank you.

Philippians 4:13 " I can do all things through God who gives me strength."
This may be a verse you choose to  recite as a family.

Parents, please send a note if your child is going home a different way than normal or if they are going home with a friend. I will ok the note, and then forward to the office. 
The safety of your child is most important. Thanks.

How to get in touch with me
If you have an emergency, please call the office and Mrs. Stone will notify me.Please know that  your concerns / question are important to me.
If you have a question , please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
I try to look at emails on my afternoon break, however, this is not always the case.
I check emails at the end of the day and most times can resond then. If not, I will  answer the following day.
Thank you for your understanding and patience. 
I am 

Students are to bring their own snacks each day . I ask that the snacks be healthy , easy to open , and not messy. 
A mid morning snack gives students the "BOOST" they often  need mid morning. 
Students may bring a water bottle (labeled with name). Please no ice.

Students will wash their hands before entering cafeteria.
2nd Graders will eat from 11:30 to 11:55.  
Students , please look at the menu to decide what you want to eat for the day.
Bring a cold lunch if you do not like what is on the menu. Don't forget to write your FIRST AND LAST name on the outside of your lunchbox.

Nurse Ria is now working full time. Her office has been relocated to the room off of the cafeteria.
Please let Nurse Ria know of any allergies your child has if you have not done so.
Additional /Helpful reminders
Student reminders:
*Don't forget to pack all of your belongings for school ,so that you can have a successful school day.
*Check your assignment book each night and make sure your work is completed on both sides of the paper. Parents /guardians are asked to please initial the assignment book each night in the date box. This lets me know that an adult has seen the assignments for homework.
*Make sure that your work is put back into your green folder. Completed papers with a red star or smiley face need to be removed from the green folder.
*Don't forget to pack your flash cards, crayons, colored pencils, and a snack.

Book Bash: . . For the month of September, students are required to read at least 420 minutes (15 min. per day) in order to be able to participate in the end of the month Book Bash. This month our focus will be on Johnny Appleseed. Students should log the minutes they spend reading at home from: AR books, regular library books, stories from our reading text that are assigned for homework, independent readers that I send home, or books at your home.
Parents, please help your child log their minutes each day. Credit will not be given for reading logs containing just a few enteries with large amounts of time read in one sitting. Ex. Ramona the Pest :60 minutes.  or 120 minutes .  Students should be logging  minutes each day or at least every other day.

Prayer Table
I encourage the students to create a prayer table at home. A place where they can go and talk to God. A prayer table can be made out of an empty box, covered with a piece of material or a blanket. On the prayer table , students could put a rosary, words to prayers, the Bible, pictures of saints

2nd Graders follow  P.A.R.R.O.W.S  to be successful , 

P: Prayerful--first we have to have a relationship with God--each day ! Prayer is important in developing our relationship with God.
A: Attitude--I can do anything!!! God loves me!!! I need a good attitude!
R: Respect--treat others as you want to be treated.
R: Responsibility--be prepared ; be on time.
O: Organization--a needed life skill. It is "My" responsibility to keep myself organized.
W: Work--School is my job.
S: Success--School is hard work..We need to work to succeed. 

Additional Reminders:
Assignments Books: Parents, please write your initials in the daily date box each day, so that I know that you are aware of your child's homework. The assignment book will come home each night...even if there is not homework. This helps with their consistency with responsibility. Thank you.

Green folders: Green means GO! These folders will come home each night. Most nights there will be homework. Students are to complete their work and return it in the green folder. Any papers with a red smiley face or a star at the top of the paper will be  placed on the side take out. These papers should be left at home. It is the student's responsibility to clean out their folders each night.
Parents, please use the green folder to send in behavior charts ,  forms, scrip etc. Also, please let your child know when you have put notes, forms, scrip in their green folder, so they hopefully will remember to turn in at school.

White Folders: These folders will be sent home with graded papers. I usually send home each Monday. Students are to remove their work and return the empty folder to school the following day.

Medicine: Please  send any medicine your child needs to the office for safe keeping . I do not keep medicine in my room. If your child brings any type of throat drop to school, please place in a bag with child's name. I will keep your child's bag in my desk drawer until the end of the day. 

 We have a snacktime between 8:30 and 9:00. Your child is asked to bring their own snack from home each day. Please make the snack HEALTHY and EASY to  CLEAN UP.  Please no cookies, chips, or candy. I also that ask that no GO GURTS be sent as they lead to mess. Students may bring a water bottle, but I ask that they not be frozen , as this leads to water mess as it thaws. We have a water fountain outside our classroom, and students are welcome to use it anytime when instruction is not being given. Label bottles with your child's name. 
3. Eat a good breakfast each morning. Breakfast is not served at school.
4. Students who arrive at school before 7:40 will report to the cafeteria (as in the past) and be supervised by Ms. Martin, our gym teacher.
5. At 7:40 , students will report to our classroom. Any student arriving at  7:40 or after will report directly
to our classroom .

Students are welcome to bring a snack to celebrate their birthday which will be eaten at our regular snack time. Please follow the snack guidelines from above.  The snack needs to be individually wrapped for easy hand out. No cake , cookies , or doughnuts. 
Also, please make the flavors the same--not a variety pack. Thank you 

Ms. Boczek's Specials are as follows:
 St. Francis : Gym -Ms. Martin. Students will need their gym shoes .
 St. John : Music - Mrs. Hamilton
 St. Luke : Art- Ms. Sheets
 St. Mary : Spanish - Dr. Caruso
LIBRARY will be every Wednesday at 9:45.
Specials will continue to rotate using the above schedule.

Safety Reminder:
Parents, Please remember to send in a note/email to your child's teacher/office  if your child is going home with someone different at the end of the day. 
Please let your child's teacher/office know if your child will be late for school due to appts. etc. 

 2nd Graders, please remember your belts and shirts tucked into your pants. If not pant loops, no belt is required.
Girls- post earrings are allowed. Please no dangle earrings. 
Only CLEAR fingernail polish
Girls-if you have long hair, please pull it back into a ponytail. Thank you.
Boys-please follow the guidelines for hair length.

Virtus Training
Any person ( parent, guardian, grandparents, relatives etc) that is interested in volunteering at the school must complete a background check and VIRTUS TRAINING prior to working with students. The forms plus additional information can be found online at
Upon completion of your training,please turn your certificate into the office.

I have a collection box in our classroom, so please send your boxtops. (please trim neatly) Thanks!!!!

This is a school fundraiser where families can purchase gift cards through St. Francis from a variety of businesses. Go to our school webpage -- . You can also contact Lauren Stupar ( with questions.