Weekly Skills

May 22-26

 We will be completing our Aesop Fables booklet as well as reading a new story entitled; The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen. We will look at author's purpose and main idea. 

We will work on "Daily Fix-its." Children will rewrite and fix sentences weekly for practice. Grades are taken from the daily fix-its to continually asses student understanding of complete sentences. 

We will also work on our vocabulary booklet and conclude our entries. 

Students will work daily on basic handwriting strokes. I will evaluate the size, slant, shape, and spacing of letters to determine their grade. Fine motor skills are beneficial to comprehending and appreciating their work. 
Handwriting grades are taken weekly in various subjects on various activities. A handwriting grade when taken will be located at the top of the paper written as shown; E/hw, S/hw, P/hw, or N/hw. The "hw" stands for handwriting. 

We are continuing our two digit plus two digit with regrouping exercises. 

See Mr. Gainer's teacher web page. 

Science/Social Studies~  
We will finish up our Scholastic News issues for both Science and Social Studies