Week of May 22-26

May 23 - Toni Caridi Assembly - book reading/signing
May 26 - Dress Down for 50 Dojo points
May 30 - Field Trip to Laurel Caverns  (Bring Permission Slip & Money back by May 26)

Remember your Assignment Book is the Ticket into & out of the Classroom  Students this will keep you organized & communicate with Parents

 4th Grade Weekly Schedule

Reading - Please read your story each night ( page numbers are listed in the assignment book)  The story vocab quiz is on Tuesdays unless noted different in assignment bk.  Selection Tests for the story are on Fridays.  
The story this week we will be the Chapter Book : Jim Thorpe's Bright Path
Comprehension skill:  Various  skills
   Vocabulary quiz this week will be 5/23/17 
 No Selection Test this Week 
  Weekly Letter is finished

****AR Quizzes are to be completed by May 26, 2017 for the 4th  quarter*** 1 book of 250 pages or more must be completed.

Math - Students need to practice math facts.  Checkpoint reviews are  study guides for quizzes and tests.
We are currently finishing   Chapter 14 Geometry
Chapter 14 Test will be Wednesday. 5/24/17

Think Through Math Lesson for Chapter 14 will begin May 1 & finished lesson will be due May 26, 2016.

Science - Vocabulary & independent reader activities are kept in science composition books. Be sure to use heading & neatness.  Study guides are given to prepare for chapter tests be sure to review them.  Handouts or worksheets are completed & kept in their science folder for reference.  Quizzes are open book
Vocabulary begins on Tuesday & is to be completed on Friday unless a change is made. Labs are usually on Mondays & STEM Projects will be worked on Fridays.
 Vocabulary due May 26.
We will be finishing our last STEM Challenge this week

Social Studies- (Mrs. Tiberi)
Social Studies:   We will be discussing different events that lead up to the Revolutionary War including the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the Intolerable acts.

Religion -  We will be looking at Chapter 26 .  Students need to follow & highlight important concepts to help with their chapter & unit reviews.  All weekly quizzes or unit tests are open book it is important to use the book & check over work.

Chapter 26 Review will be due Wednesday, May 24

Spelling - unit words are kept in the front of the assignment book.  Each week they are glued into their assignment book page.  Tests are on Thursdays of the week unless notified different. 
 Spelling Test will be Thursday 5/25/17

English - Please review weekly concepts & students keep rough drafts in their writing composition books along with notes on various English components. 
*** We will begin an English Spiral Review this week like we do for Weekly Math.  It will be due on Tuesdays with Weekly Letter. Expect each week like the weekly math***

 English this week will review of skills
  Spiral English Review are complete for the year
Quiz on Titles 5/24/17