Japanese Language and Culture Program

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TEACHERS: Kazumi Yamashita-Iverson, Johanna Yokokawa, and Chieko Yamada

SCHOOL: Maloney Interdistrict Magnet School

CLASS: Japanese Language and Culture preK-5

SCHOOL PHONE: 203-574-8162

Johanna Yokokawa teaches grades 3,4,5 and PreK.
Kazumi Yamashita-Iverson teaches grades K,1, and 2.
Chieko Yamada J-LEAP Assistant teacher

See below for messages from the teachers:

From Kazumi-sensei:
Konnichiwa! I have been at Maloney as a full time Japanese teacher since 
August 2001. I was JALEX assistant for Jessica-sensei in 1997-1998. That is 
how I got to know this program for the first time. 
I was an exchange student for one year in Michigan when I was in high 
school. That is how I learned speaking English! 
My daughter starts Kindergarten this year. I am very excited for her, but 
time very anxious. I try my best to create my classroom comfortable and 
welcoming environment so that every students can enjoy learning Japanese! 

From Johanna-sensei 
Konnichiwa.  I am new to Maloney but have taught at both the elementary and 
middle school levels for some years.  I went to Japan as an exchange student 
during college meaning to stay for a year but ended up staying for 17 years.  
I am privileged to be able to share my deep appreciation for Japan with 
Maloney students. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

From Chieko-sensei:
Konnichiwa!I came to Maloney in August 2011 through Japanese Language 
Education Assistant Program(J-LEAP). The program is 2years, it means this is 
my last year.
I studied English as a college student. I had visited NYC twice before I came 
here but this is my first time to stay long term in the U.S.
Before I came here, I worked at a convention company. But I really wanted to 
be a Japanese teacher so I studied about it. Then I could attend J-LEAP and 
come to Maloney.
I try my best to give students a lot of "JAPAN"!!!
Please feel free to talk with me either in Japanese or English☺

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