Mrs. Wolf's Oregon Trail Web Quest

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Scavenger Hunt

Learn more about the Oregon Trail in the scavenger hunt.  


Step 1
Get your pencil and paper ready to write down the following questions:

1. Who were the first couple who traveled by covered wagon on the Oregon 
2. Identify the year that experienced the greatest wave of emigrant migration.
3. Name the Mountain Man and explorer who discovered the South Pass.
4. Identify two other trappers who called themselves Mountain Men.
5. List at least three "jumping off" towns.
6. Name the two months that most emigrants considered to be the best time to 
begin the journey.
7. What were the dimesions of the average covered wagon? How many square feet 
of space did the wagon have?
8. Name five present day states that the Oregon Trail passed through.
9. Which pack animals were preferred by most emigrants?
10. Identify four hazards or dangers the emigrants might have encountered 
along the way.
11. What did the emigrants use for fuel when they couldn't find wood?
12. What was the average length of time most emigrants spent on the trail?
13. What was the primary diet of the emigrants?  What did they eat?
14. Most of the Native Americans were friendly to the emigrants at the 
beginning.  What happened to change their attitudes towards "whites"?
15. Many historians think Oregon/California migration or "Manifest Destiny" 
was one of the ten most important events in United States history.  Explain 

Step 2:
The answers to each question can be found in one web site.  You will have to 
explore all of the pages to find the Scavenger Hunt answers.  Good luck! 
Cut and paste: http://www.isu.edu/~trinmich/Allabout.html

Students should be able to correctly answer nine out of fifteen questions on 
the Scavenger Hunt.  Teachers can get the answer key by e-mail Mrs. Wolf.

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