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Buck Lake Elementary School
1600 Pedrick Road Tallahassee, FL 32317

What's Happening:

Please send in:
Box Tops for Education, Campbell's Soup labels, Coke lids, Coke can box codes, Tyson Product labels, Old cell phones, and Ink cartridges

Over the past 9 years, we've earned 75,350 labels worth $7535.00 from Box Tops for Education.
Over the past 9 years, we've earned 66,365 labels worth points which we've redeemed for school supplies.
Over the past 6 years, we've earned 288 labels worth $83.52 from Tyson Labels.
Over the past 3 years, we've earned 7,000 points which we redeemed for a NEW TV/VCR for Buck Lake.

 Welcome to Buck Lake Elementary, home of the Bobcats!

School Photo
Principal's Message

Dear Buck Lake Community,

The year is rolling along so quickly. Thanks to each of you for your donations to the Bobcat Supporters Program. Picture re-take day is next week on Tuesday, the 22nd.

The following week will be Character Education Spirit Week, from October 28-November 1st. Each day we are suggesting that students dress up.

Monday: "I'm a Team Player"-Students wear sports themed clothing.
Tuesday: "Let your Character Shine Brightly"-Wear sunglasses.
Wednesday: "Good Choices + Good Character = A Bright Future"-Wear the color red; themed ribbons will be provided to each student.
Thursday: "We're Wacky for Good Character"-Wear wacky-tacky clothing.
Friday: "Cool Cats Show Good Character"-School spirit clothing.

Mrs. Tricquet

Help Us Reach Our Goal!! Thank you to our Bobcat Supporters!


Welcome Buck Lake Parents and Students! We listened! At our final PTO meeting last year, parents indicated a desire to have a fundraising program that raises money, where 100% of the money donated goes directly to the PTO operations which promote student learning and health and wellness of the students and community. Buck Lake has yet again received an "A" school rating. We can help maintain this status by ensuring our students and teachers have the best resources available.

This fundraising program is a donation to the PTO with no pledging, no selling and no catalogs. It will be based on donations with several levels of your choice or a separate amount of your choosing. Our goal this year is to raise $15,000.00 by October 4, 2013. If the school reaches our goal, our Principal, Mrs. Tricquet, will dye her hair teal and silver. If the school reaches $20,000.00, there will be an Ice Cream Party for the entire school. If the school reaches $25,000.00, the school will have a Students Teach for the Day.

Parents and teachers are not the only ones that can donate. Grandparents, other family members, and friends are also welcome to make a contribution to the Bobcat Supporters Program. All contributions are tax deductible. Click on the Bobcat Supporters button and utilize the Paypal option if you would like!

2011-2012 School Public Accountability Report (SPAR)
Buck Lake's Annual Report
Please visit this website to view our schools annual report. Our Principal's letter is available in the sidebar on the left under Forms Online.

Attendance/Absentee Information

Please be advised of the following changes to our attendance procedures:
*The attendance line is no longer in use. You do not need to call the school to report an absence.
*If your student is (sick) absent you may send in a note with them upon their return, unless they are absent for more than three days, which will require a note from a physician.
*If your student comes in late or leaves early for a doctor appointment, a note from them is required in order to excuse the absence.

If you have any questions, please contact our attendance secretary, Charlotte Simmons, at 488-5007.

Important Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Parent Notice: Please Read
Arrival and Dismissal Procedures
Buck Lake Elementary
Student hours: 8:30-2:50

Morning student drop-off procedures:

* Parents may begin dropping off students at 7:45 until 8:30 in the back of the school entering off Buck Lake.
* If you want to park and walk your student to their designated area, please use one of the parking spaces in the back. You may not park in the grass, only in the parking spaces provided. If they are filled, please cautiously circle around until one is vacant.
* The front of the school is for buses and day care vans only.

Afternoon student dismissal:

* Afternoon supervision is from 2:45 - 3:20.
* Parent pick up will be at the back of the school. Dismissal begins at 2:45 for K-1-2 and at 2:55 for 3-4-5. If you have younger and older students, please come at the later time.
* Please remember that you cannot block traffic on Buck Lake.
* You may not park in the front parking lot and walk into the building to get your child. We cannot mix foot traffic with bus traffic.
* If your student is walking you may meet them at the Gathering Place (located on the upper field near the basketball court) if they are headed down Buck Lake toward Swift Creek. If your student is heading toward Mahan on Buck Lake you may meet them at the reading statue. You may begin gathering at 2:40.

Other Important Information:

* Parents/Volunteers may park in the front of the school in the parking lot from 8:30 to 2:15 to take care of school business.
* Please do not let your child off by pulling over on Pedrick Road at the front of the school. THIS IS UNSAFE AND WE WANT NO CHILD HIT BY A CAR.
* Also, please do not pull through the front parking lot and drop your child off as this is unsafe.

We have spent many hours making sure that students are safe and routines are in place. Please help us by following the routine and procedures set in place. Thank you, parents, for all your support as we work though the traffic issues for this coming year. Please remember our primary responsibility at all times is the safety of your child.

For more information contact Eydie Tricquet at or 488-6133.

Half Penny Sales Tax
Leon County Schools Information
This ballot initiative will go before Leon County voters to ask whether they favor continuing the current half-percent sales tax for school-related improvements throughout the public school district. Leon County voters approved the current "half-penny" sales tax in 2002; it expires at the end of 2012. Find out why it is important using the link above.

Join Buck Lake's Listserv for Upcoming Information!
Buck Lake Listserv Link
We invite you to join our school email listserv and automatically receive emails updating you on school news! Click the link above to join or to change your listserv subscription.

2011-2012 School Improvment Plan
Buck Lake School Improvement Plan

Collect Tyson Product Labels
Tyson Project A+
Please send your Tyson Product labels to school! We get 24 cents for each one, which really adds up! All lids, labels and UPCS can be placed in the Campbell's Labels collection bin in the front office!

Coke Product Lids and Box Codes
My Coke Rewards for Schools
Do you drink Coke Products? Buck Lake is now registered for Coke rewards and you can send in the caps and codes! The school can redeem the points for useful items. All lids from coke products can be turned in (including Minute Maid and Powerade); all coke boxes have a code printed inside the cardboard.
All lids, labels and UPCS can be placed in the Campbell's Labels collection bin in the front office.

Office Depot

Support our school when you shop at Office Depot! They have an account set up for Buck Lake Elementary and any time you make a purchase at any of their stores Buck Lake will get 5% back! Please give them our school number: 70024029 Thank you!

Box Tops for Education
Box Top Weblink
Please send your box tops for education to our school. You can also earn cash for our school when you shop at your favorite online stores through Box Tops Marketplace. Visit the site above for a direct link to shopping. Enter our school and we will earn cash rewards! Every box top makes a difference! Thank you for your support!

Campbells Labels for Education
Campbells Labels for Education Products
We also collect Campbells Labels for Education at Buck Lake! Please send your labels to us so that we can earn cash for our school. The labels are on a variety of products, not only soup! You'll find a complete listing at the above weblink. They are on products such as: Goldfish, V8 drinks, Swanson Chicken Broth, and SpaghettiO's! Even one label makes a difference!

Moe's Share Night

Moe's Share Night
3 pm - close
All Locations


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