Second Grade News

                                             April 2017


In reading, we continue to read interesting stories in our Anthology. We are excited to have the students perform their poetry presentations next week. Remember to practice and read with expression! We continue to use the writing process to write creatively. We are looking forward to some special projects for Grandparents Day on April 28.


The students are enjoying learning to write in cursive. We have now covered all of the lowercase letters and have started the uppercase letters. We will start to practice the spelling words in cursive. Please practice cursive writing as part of nightly homework time.


During Religion, we will be finishing Unit 4 – We Celebrate the Gift of Eucharist. We have been spending our Religion time getting ready and preparing for First Communion. Please be aware of the following dates and times:

First Communion Practice: April 26

Pictures: April 27

First Communion Times:

April 29 @ 4:30pm

April 30 @ 9:00am

April 30 @ 11:00am


We are working on Chapter 10 - Data. The students are enjoying collecting data and making different types of graphs. Please review the following skills with your child at home during your nightly homework time: Addition and subtraction with and without regrouping when carrying over the ten; addition and subtraction facts through 18 and counting money. Please use homework time to continually practice these skills. You may want to check out this math web-site for fact review:,, and We think the students may enjoy the games and review on these sites.


We will be preparing for Earth Day by discussing ways to care for the earth and what jobs are needed to keep the earth clean. We will also be learning about plants. Future Science topics will be insects and matter.

Upcoming field trips:

Wednesday, May 10– Green Acres – Mrs. Lecher (AM) and Miss Griffiths (PM)

Permission Slips and information will go home later in the month.

Remember to send in your white t-shirt for Field Day by Friday, April 7 and a clean gallon milk jug by Wednesday, April 5.

Thank you for your support in your child’s education!

Carol Lecher and Morgan Griffiths