October Happenings

We are approaching the first half of the first trimester! It has been a busy time in the classroom with a lot of adjusting, learning, and good times. You will be receiving the first interim report on your child on Friday, October 13th. Please sign the bottom part of the Interim Report and return to your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

Just a gentle reminder to please make sure your child’s name is in all of their clothes. We have found articles of clothing that do not have names in them. It is very easy to return the items to the rightful owner if the clothes have names in them. Also, please remember that library day is on Friday (Griffiths) or Monday (Lecher). Make sure your child has their library books that morning.

Religion: Soon we will be finishing Unit 1, which talks about the Sacraments of Initiation. We will then start Unit 2 and learning about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Students should be working on the Prayer of Sorrow and on their family Reconciliation books during the month of October.

Language Arts and Reading: We have worked very hard on our first formal writing in Second Grade. The students enjoyed writing adventure stories about Johnny Appleseed. They were busy editing, writing final copies, illustrating, designing title pages, and sharing their exciting stories. WOW! What a great project! We have also been reviewing short and long vowel words. We will be wrapping up our first Unit in our reading series. The students have enjoyed the various stories in Unit 1.

Math: In math we are close to wrapping up Chapter 2. This chapter has focused on place value to 1,000. We also practiced writing number words, problem solving and comparing numbers. Chapter 3 will focus on basic facts and relationships. We will be working on doubles facts, making a ten, and adding three numbers. We started taking timed tests with addition/subtraction problems. The purpose of this is to build students’ speed and accuracy in math facts. Please help your child by spending a few minutes each day reviewing addition and subtraction facts.

Social Studies: We have finished our Unit on Map Skills.

Our next topic will be Transportation and Communication as well as seasonal


Please remember to check your child’s Home Folder and Planner every night for important information.

The Second Graders have been working really hard and we are looking forward to a wonderful fall.

Have a great October!

Dates to remember:

Oct. 5 – Mrs. Lecher’s class plans the Mass

Oct. 20 – No School

Oct. 16- Service Project- students decorate pumpkins for Nursing Home

Oct. 26 – Picture Retake Day

           Miss Griffiths’ class plans the Mass

Oct. 31 - Parade of Saints (more info to follow)

** During October- we will pray the rosary together as a school

(Students may bring their rosaries to school or we have some here for the students to borrow)


Carol Lecher and Morgan Griffiths