Second Grade

                 December 2017

The students have worked very hard to prepare for their First Reconciliation. They have spent a lot of time learning the Prayer of Sorrow and learning the steps of confession. We are very proud of their hard work and know that they will feel closer to God after their First Reconciliation. We will spend the rest of December discussing Advent and preparing for Christmas. The primary classes will participate in an Advent service project, information went home this week.

Language Arts: We are working on Unit 3–The students seem to be enjoying the nice mix of fiction and non-fiction stories. This week they enjoyed reading Click, Clack Moo: Cows That Type, which is a humorous fiction story. We will also be doing many Language Arts activities using holiday literature.

Math: We will be starting Chapter 5–Two Digit Subtraction.

This chapter may be more challenging for the students as they will be regrouping to make more ones when subtracting.

Please make sure your child knows their addition and subtraction facts through 18. Your child needs to continually review these facts. Please use homework time to practice these facts. You may want to check out this math web-site for fact review: We think the students may enjoy the games and review on this site.

Social Studies: We enjoyed sharing the time-lines. They are hanging in the hallway for all to see. We will also be learning about Christmas customs from around the world.

Science: We will be starting our first topic in Science during December. The students will be learning about motion, friction and speed.

Things to bring to school:

$4.00 for a Christmas project (The students are to earn this money by doing special jobs around the house)

A medium size shoe box with lid

We wish you all a very safe and happy Advent Season!


Morgan Griffiths and

Carol Lecher