Press Releases


August - TeacherWeb® Announces the Launch of Digital Lockers
May - TeacherWeb® Awarded "Best in Tech" from Scholastic
April - TeacherWeb® Announces the Launch of IslandWeb®
March - TeacherWeb® Offers New Template Designs
February - TeacherWeb® Qualifies for E-Rate
January - TeacherWeb® Launches New, Updated Calendar Feature


April - TeacherWeb introduces Teacher-Moderated Classroom Blogs
July - Study Island, LLC announces the acquisition of TeacherWeb, Inc.


July - Increased School Interest in Text-Messaging Parents
September - TeacherWeb adds RSS to simplify school-parent communication
October - TeacherWeb Wins AWARD OF EXCELLENCE


March - TeacherWeb® launches new Integrated School Websites
April - TeacherWeb® Helps Pre-service Teachers Get ‘Schooled’ For Free
May - Free WebQuests in Searchable Database at TeacherWeb®
July - Coldwell Banker California offices sponsor teacher websites

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