Library / Media Center

NAME: Twin Valley High School Library

SCHOOL: Twin Valley High School

Becky Street, Librarian
It is my belief that the library media center should be a place where 
young readers will find excitement and curiosity as they open doors to new 
adventures in reading.  Teachers, staff, students, parents and the entire 
school community will be provided a warm inviting atmosphere full of 
useful, informative, and well organized resources that will address any 
physical, intellectual, emotional, or informational need.  Our school 
library media center will become the "heart of the school."

My vision as a library media specialist to collaborate with teachers to 
become instructional partners.  Together, we can provide a wide range of 
opportunities for authentic learning and practice of information literacy 
skills.  I believe that it is important that the Information Literacy 
Standards be incorporated with the Standards of Learning to promote 
analytical and critical thinking from our students.